In order to see it, in its natural habitat, you must be willing to make some effort. Most of the time, you have to put on your hiking boots and climb to the top of the mountain.
That’s exactly what I did. After a night sleeping in a tent, at the base of the Zaganu peak in the Ciucas mountains, Romania, I went to the top with the camera in my hand.
Near the top, I saw for the first time in my life a wild edelweiss. It was exactly on the main path. That’s when I knew I was close. I got off the main path and after a few meters, I saw an entire area full of edelweiss flowers, which stretched to the edge of the cliff. I was left speechless.
I spent an hour or two, I don’t know exactly because I was too ecstatic, photographing and studying them closely.
I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to see such a beautiful and rare flower.